Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Solve and Fix Phones Battery Drop

How to Solve and Fix Phones Battery Drop

Having previously KLU IC review on How to Overcome the affected HP Mobile Water / Wet, this time back I will present tips that are still in touch with HP for you loyal readers of this blog. Hp has certainly had a "duty" this modern era everyone. With HP's lives and our activities become easier because we can communicate with others quickly.

But problems often arise from HP that we use. One of the most common is the HP Battery Drop for continuous use. It's time for the Klu IC will provide tips on How to Overcome and Fix HP Battery Drop for you. Carefully consider the following:
1. Insert the battery had to drop the freezer wrapped in plastic and tied tightly.
2. Let stand for 12 hours, after 12 hours remove and clean.
3. If the plastic ties meeting, cellphone battery usually does not get wet.
4. Try the battery life, repeat steps 1-3 several times if deemed less than the maximum results.
Please try the above tips properly and thoroughly. If you do it over and over again then your phone battery will be normal again.

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